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Wear On Earth has an exceptional reputation for having high-quality merchandise in our store.

We will do our best to attractively display your items, monitor them (surveillance cameras installed).
We look forward to the processing for consignment and the selling of your VERY GOOD to EXCELLENT condition items.

We value the partnership you are engaging in with us and look forward to our mutual success.

CLOTHING MUST BE: clean, stain free, wrinkle free, odorless, and damage free, pressed, folded, and stacked neatly in brown bag or box. Absolutely NO GARBAGE BAGS of any color!! Items must be READY to WEAR.

We are currently taking 20 items per consignor per month. It is your responsibility to bring only 20 items in for review. All items over 20 will automatically be donated. Please respect this limitation. Any items later found to be unsuitable, after first inspection, (holes, stains, smell, etc.) will be donated to charity; you will NOT be notified; regardless if your account is DONATE or PICK UP.

SHOES: VERY GOOD to EXCELLENT conditionclean, minimal wear to include no tears, scratches, or discoloration. Please wipe any dust or mud off of shoes prior to bringing them for review. Initial here _____

Remember, the better condition - the better chance we will have in selling your items!
CONTRACT PERIOD: The contract period is up to 60 days. You are solely responsible for monitoring and the picking up of items from the store floor within the consignment period. We will give you a pick-up date when you drop your items off. We cannot look for your items for you when you come in within your contracted dates to retrieve your items. We will print you a list of your remaining available items to pick up.

Wear On Earth will NOT notify me regarding any information on my consignment account.

I understand that, if I do not retrieve items that have not sold within the 7 (SEVEN) days following the end of my consignment period (60 days), they automatically become the property of Wear On Earth.

A $1.00 return fee will be charged for any item pulled prior to end of consignment period (60 days).

Valid ID is required for any account inquires to include drop off, pick up of items or money transaction inquiries.

Wear On Earth will not give any account information out over the phone. This includes what items have sold, what items are available for sale and any monies on your account.

Pricing: All items are priced by Wear On Earth. We research the original cost (MSRP) of items and price items as follows: ¼ (Gently Used), 1/3 (Excellent Condition) and up to ½ (New with original tags attached) of MSRP. We reserve the right to place items on sale at any time during 60 day contracted period.

SPLIT: The consignor will receive 40% of the selling price less the purchaser’s fee paid by the purchaser.

Example: Selling Price up to $5.00 = $0.25PF, $5.01 to $10.00 = $0.50PF, $10.01 to $25.00 = $1.00PF, $25.01 & up = $2.00PF

CONSIGNMENT PAYMENTS: Once an item has sold, we pay by cash so you can collect your monies any time during store hours. Account cash is held for one year from merchandise processing date. Any money not collected within that year becomes property of Wear On Earth and may be donated to local charity.

All consignments are at owner's risk. Wear On Earth is NOT responsible for loss or damage to merchandise due to fire, water, vandalism, theft or negligent handling by customers.

I have read the above terms and I authorize Wea On Earth Store to consign my items in accordance with this contract.

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