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DCNM485588   Princesses & Heroes
22229   Prism Saki Sock Yarn
DCNM420401   Project Bags by Valori Wells
18524   Project Tote
714   Provo Craft: Knitting with Knifty Knitter III
60203   Prym Soft Grip Crochet Hook - Size D
PrymALST   Prym/Inox: Aluminum Straight Knitting Needles
K556   Pullover & Vest
CBD8582   Puttin' On the Bitz
BC   Queensland Collection Bebe Cotsoy
11406   Queensland Collection Book Eleven
KATA   Queensland Collection Kathmandu
RWD   Queensland Collection Rustic Wool DK
8313   Queensland Collection: Book Ten
DCNM162976   Quick Itty Bitties
NM165618   Quick Thread Projects
FT220X   Quilt Lovers Bath Set
N1050   Raglan Sweater
N1055   Raglan Sweater
SSWW1026   Red, White & Blue
RDST   Regia: Darning Sock Thread
DCNM163104   Reversible Color Crochet
DCNM411186   Reversible Knitting
FTAC37   Ribs On the Side
FD112   River's Edge
Roving   Romney Roving Wool
61203   Rooster Almerino Aran Yarn
61204   Rooster Almerino Aran Yarn
61206   Rooster Almerino Aran Yarn
61207   Rooster Almerino Aran Yarn
61208   Rooster Almerino Aran Yarn
61209   Rooster Almerino Aran Yarn
61197   Rooster Almerino DK Yarn
61198   Rooster Almerino DK Yarn
61199   Rooster Almerino DK Yarn
61201   Rooster Almerino DK Yarn
61202   Rooster Almerino DK Yarn
57015   Rooster Knitting & Crochet
NM072786   Rosewood Crochet Hook - size F
N1047   Round Neck or V-Neck Pullover
SK21100156   Round the Year Lace Shawl
Alpaculence   Rozetti Alpaculence
BG   Rozetti Bamboo Glam
CottonGold   Rozetti Cotton Gold
610   Rozetti Flora
Lumen   Rozetti Lumen
510   Rozetti Marina
MarinaGlitz   Rozetti Marina Glitz
Opus   Rozetti Opus
Polaris   Rozetti Polaris
Pompeii   Rozetti PomPeii
RozettiScarf   Rozetti Scarf
Spectra   Rozetti Spectra
SpectraDuet   Rozetti Spectra Duet
TundraGlitz   Rozetti Tundra Glitz
TundraMulti   Rozetti Tundra Multi
FTCH4   Ruffled Tulip Hat
FTAC82   Ruffles & Ridges
DCNM162826   Rustic Modern Crochet
SSWW1203   Saint-Tropez
SSWW1044   Salty Dog
S801   Sampler Pullover
SSWW1149   Sandman Hat
AlligatorZipperPull   Sassy Skein Alligator Zipper Pull
BeachBallButton   Sassy Skein Beach Ball Button
Dino   Sassy Skein Dino Zipper Pull
SassySkeinDK   Sassy Skein DK
FreddyFrogButton   Sassy Skein Freddy Frog Button
FreddyFrog   Sassy Skein Freddy the Frog Zipper Pull
ScottieDog   Sassy Skein Scottie Dog Zipper Pull
SassySkeinWW   Sassy Skein Worsted
57969   Sassy Skein: Carla the Cow Button
57970   Sassy Skein: Sassy Sheep Button
SSWW1069   Sassy Snow Scarf
SSKIT1069   Sassy Snow Scarf Kit
SSWW1067   Sassy Snowy Hat
SSDK1005   Sassy Sundress
SSDK3007   Sassy Swirl
DH0504   Sausalito Dolce Handknits
54722   SC Pattern Kit Boxes
OCAC305   Scallop Purse & Knitting Bag
DCNM162750   Scandinavian Christmas Stockings
NM253286   Schacht: Zoom Loom 4x4 Pin Loom
7094   Scheepjes Linnen Yarn
35413KnitSocksWool   Schoeller & Stahl Nature Line Knit Wool Socks
Savanna   Schoeller & Stahl Savanna
SchoellerStahlSockinaColor   Schoeller Stahl Sockina Sock
25657   Schoppel Wolle Lace Ball
59749   Schoppel Wolle Reggae and Reggae Ombre Yarn
Zauberball   Schoppel Wolle Zauberball
CRAZY   Schoppel Wolle Zauberball CRAZY
Zauberwolle1536   Schoppel Wolle Zauberwolle
35408ShulanaColardino   Schulana Colardino
61949   Schulana Crealana Nr.23
22232   Schulana Grande Wool With 3 Hat Pattern
764013   Schulana Sierra
DCNM161943   Scottish Knits
NM486232   Seamless (Or Nearly Seamless) Knits
DCNM160503   Seamless Crochet
FTYFT23   Seed and Cable Jacket
SeedStitch   Seed Stitch beyond knit 1, purl 1
59807   SeedBead#6H205299SB
59812   SeedBead#6H205470SB
59803   SeedBead#6H205665SB
59804   SeedBead#6H205701SB
59805   SeedBead#6H205734SB
54346   Seeing Stars Blanket 9518
NM419700   Self-Striping Yarn Studio
DCNM491037   Sensational Slippers
Angel   Sensations Angel Hair
SSDK1096   Set Sail
31955   Sexy Little Knits
VFD120   Shawl Collar Pullover
18533   Shawl Pin by Paradise
NM075652   Shawl Pin by Paradise
69230   Shawl Pin Puppy
FTCH35X   Sheep Go Round Too!
JJ105   Shell & Shawl
22230   Shibui Sock Yarn
DCNM326588   Short Row Knits
DCNM160629   Simple Scarves Made With The Knook
NM071129   Simplicity Felting Foam
DCNM33572   Simply Amigurumi - 10 Crochet Projects
DCNM502162   Simply Stunning Crocheted Bags
NM162898   Simply Sweet Crochet
NM   Singer: Specialty Elastic Round Cord
9601   Sirdar
SirdarSnuggly4ply   Sirdar Snuggly 4 ply
SirdarSnugglyDK   Sirdar Snuggly DK
62008   Skacel 14 x 0 (2.0mm) Stainless Knitting Needles
62009   Skacel 14 x 2 (3.0mm) Stainless Knitting Needles
62011   Skacel 14 x 4 (3.5mm) Stainless Knitting Needles
62012   Skacel 14 x 5 (3.75mm) Stainless Knitting Needles
32961   Skacel Bamboo Knitting Needles - 10" x US Size 13 (9.0mm)
22235FSS   Skacel Flying Saucer Sock
1393MerinoLace   Skacel Merino Lace
FC26   Sleeveless Dress
DDC33   Sling Bag to Crochet
18265   Slipper Grippers
54717   Slope Hat
NM161826   Slouchy Beanies And Headwraps
NM162375   Slouchy Beanies For The Family Book 2
NM075081   Snapware Yarn-Tainer Large
NM075083   Snapware Yarn-Tainer Small 8"X5.5"
23729   Sneaker Wave
SSWW1045   Snow Bunny Hat
SSDK1046   Snow Bunny Socks
SSKIT1065   Snow Bunny Socks Kit
7863   Snow Country Felt Mittens
SSKIT1067   Snow Hat Kit
SSWW1041   Snowflake Hat and Scarf
SSKIT1041   Snowflake Hat and Scarf Kit
SC9533   Snowflake Pullover 9533
SSWW1129   Snuggle Bug Blanket
SSDK1113   Snuggly Scarf
DCNM16PICSNUG   Snuglets
DCNM162096   So Pretty Crochet
35487   Soak Sample Celebration
Soakwash8ozFlatter   Soakwash 8oz Flatter
NM075275   Sock Doctor Key Ring
SSKIT1090   Sock Hop Hat Kit
33273   Sock It To Me
DCNM160343   Sock Knitting Master Class
DCNM160405   Sock Loom Basics
NM161993   Sock Loom Projects
DCNM160508   Socks Ala Carte: Colorwork
DCNM439575   Socks Ala Carte: Toes Up
NM393135   Socks From The Toe Up
DCNM160545   Socktopus
DCNM363719   Soft & Sweet Baby Knit & Crochet
62598   Soft Lace Chemo Hat
SSDK1006   Sombrero
NM192462   Spa & Bath Sets to Knit
SBT402   Spa & Bath Trio
HJK40003   Spanish Lace Shawl
DCNM160727   Spin Art
DCNM162083   Spin To Weave
NM507971   Spirit Animals
SK21100269   Spoiled Rotten Gloves and Fingerless Mits
NM084165   Spool Stockings
DCNM486240   Spud & Chloe At The Farm
SCFine   Spud & Chloe Fine
SCFineStripey   Spud & Chloe Fine Stripey
SCOuter   Spud & Chloe Outer
SCSweater   Spud & Chloe Sweater
23728   Staghorn Cable Socks
LYSc2017   Stained Glass Floral Scarf
LYSk2017   Stained Glass Slouchy
2079   Stitch 'N Bitch: Crochet the Happy Hooker
2051   Stitch 'N Bitch: Nation
2072   Stitch 'N Bitch: Son Of Stitch 'N Bitch
2050   Stitch 'N Bitch: Super Star Knitting
SJSYmerino   Stitch Jones Sock Yarn-100% Merino Wool
SJSYboutique   Stitch Jones Sock Yarn-Boutique Alpaca Sock
SJSYbritishsteel   Stitch Jones Sock Yarn-British Steel BFL Sock
SJSYmcn   Stitch Jones Sock Yarn-MCN Sock
SJSYtitanium   Stitch Jones Sock Yarn-Titanium Sock
NM162650   Stitch Mountain
9602   Streetwise Chunky
NM074835   Stretchy: Needle Keeper Fits Needles 0-3

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