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1393MerinoLace   Skacel Merino Lace
FC26   Sleeveless Dress
DDC33   Sling Bag to Crochet
18265   Slipper Grippers
54717   Slope Hat
NM161826   Slouchy Beanies And Headwraps
NM162375   Slouchy Beanies For The Family Book 2
NM075081   Snapware Yarn-Tainer Large
NM075083   Snapware Yarn-Tainer Small 8"X5.5"
23729   Sneaker Wave
SSWW1045   Snow Bunny Hat
SSKIT1045   Snow Bunny Hat Kit
SSDK1046   Snow Bunny Socks
SSKIT1065   Snow Bunny Socks Kit
7863   Snow Country Felt Mittens
SSKIT1067   Snow Hat Kit
SSWW1041   Snowflake Hat and Scarf
SSKIT1041   Snowflake Hat and Scarf Kit
SC9533   Snowflake Pullover 9533
SSWW1129   Snuggle Bug Blanket
SSDK1113   Snuggly Scarf
DCNM16PICSNUG   Snuglets
DCNM162096   So Pretty Crochet
Soak3oz   Soak 3oz
35487   Soak Sample Celebration
Soakwash8ozFlatter   Soakwash 8oz Flatter
NM075275   Sock Doctor Key Ring
SSKIT1090   Sock Hop Hat Kit
33273   Sock It To Me
DCNM160343   Sock Knitting Master Class
DCNM160405   Sock Loom Basics
NM161993   Sock Loom Projects
NM362514   Sock Yarn Shawls II
DCNM160508   Socks Ala Carte: Colorwork
DCNM439575   Socks Ala Carte: Toes Up
NM393135   Socks From The Toe Up
DCNM160545   Socktopus
DCNM363719   Soft & Sweet Baby Knit & Crochet
62598   Soft Lace Chemo Hat
SSDK1006   Sombrero
NM192462   Spa & Bath Sets to Knit
SBT402   Spa & Bath Trio
HJK40003   Spanish Lace Shawl
DCNM160727   Spin Art
DCNM162083   Spin To Weave
DITW   Spincycle Dyed In The Wool
NM507971   Spirit Animals
SK21100269   Spoiled Rotten Gloves and Fingerless Mits
NM084165   Spool Stockings
DCNM486240   Spud & Chloe At The Farm
SCFine   Spud & Chloe Fine
SCFineStripey   Spud & Chloe Fine Stripey
SCOuter   Spud & Chloe Outer
SCSweater   Spud & Chloe Sweater
23728   Staghorn Cable Socks
LYSc2017   Stained Glass Floral Scarf
LYSk2017   Stained Glass Slouchy
2079   Stitch 'N Bitch: Crochet the Happy Hooker
2051   Stitch 'N Bitch: Nation
2072   Stitch 'N Bitch: Son Of Stitch 'N Bitch
2050   Stitch 'N Bitch: Super Star Knitting
SJSYmerino   Stitch Jones Sock Yarn-100% Merino Wool
SJSYboutique   Stitch Jones Sock Yarn-Boutique Alpaca Sock
SJSYbritishsteel   Stitch Jones Sock Yarn-British Steel BFL Sock
SJSYmcn   Stitch Jones Sock Yarn-MCN Sock
SJSYtitanium   Stitch Jones Sock Yarn-Titanium Sock
NM162650   Stitch Mountain
9602   Streetwise Chunky
33280   Stretch Magic: Beading Cord Black
NM074835   Stretchy: Needle Keeper Fits Needles 0-3
NM074837   Stretchy: Needle Keeper Fits Needles 0-3
NM074838   Stretchy: Needle Keeper Fits Needles 4-8
547121   Stripey Wristlets
NM73385   Stuff You Love Crochet Happy Tote
PC503   Stuffed Toy Projects
10496   Stylish Hugger
NM433011   Stylish Knit Scarves & Hats
8095   Suede Slipper Sole Brown
BF30867   Suede Slipper Soles Lg
BF30864   Suede Slipper Soles Md
FD19   Sugar Push
SSWW1086   Sun Splash
SSDK1110   Sunshine
DCNM424304   Super Baby 14 Knit & Crochet Patterns
NM241761   Super Scarves
KPS1406   Superbulky Baby One Piece Suit or Jacket
DECH   Susan Bates: 10" Luxite Dble End Crochet Hook
59798   Susan Bates: Aluminum Crochet Hook
7983   Susan Bates: Circular Knitting Needles
QA14607   Susan Bates: Comfort Grips
NM072861   Susan Bates: Crystalites Crochet Hook Set
NM073130   Susan Bates: Crystalites Crochet Hook Set
NM500850   Susan Bates: Digital Row Counter
QA1463   Susan Bates: Extendable Stitch Holder
899   Susan Bates: Gadget Bag
NM071115   Susan Bates: Knit Counter Regular Size 0-10
QA14237   Susan Bates: Knit Counter Universal
Bates141   Susan Bates: Knit Klips
27403   Susan Bates: Learn Knitting Kit
QA14500   Susan Bates: Mangowood Yarn Bowl
936   Susan Bates: Microfiber Crochet Hook Case
QA14278   Susan Bates: Plastic Tatting Shuttle
QA14225   Susan Bates: Point Protectors Sock-Shaped
NM071444   Susan Bates: Seaming Pins
NM074067   Susan Bates: Silvalume Handi Tool
NM14220   Susan Bates: Split-Lock Stitch Count Markers
60210   Susan Bates: Steel Crochet Hook
NM070792   Susan Bates: Stitch Holder 6 1/2
NM075689   Susan Bates: Stitch Markers Heart-Shaped Lg
NM075688   Susan Bates: Stitch Markers Heart-Shaped Md
NM075687   Susan Bates: Stitch Markers Heart-Shaped Sm
NM071099   Susan Bates: Yarn Charm-Stitch Markers
54324   Susie's Hat Set 9811
K569   Sweater in 8ply or 10ply
SweaterSocks   Sweater Socks
DCNM160192   Sweater Surgery
LTN005Sweater   Sweater Tape Measure
N993   Sweater with Textured Panel
2096   Sweet Baby Crochet
DCNM335115   Sweet Baby Crochet
DCNM162708   Sweet Crochet for Baby
DCNM160730   Sweet Shawlettes
752   Sweetened With Love
SwingCardigan   Swing Cardigan
67048   Swirl Necklace
A34EL   Swirling Lace Anklets
SWTCBY   SWTC Bamboo Yarn
Karaoke   SWTC Karaoke
SWTCSoysilk   SWTC Pure 100% Soysilk
DCNM460221   Take Along Knitting
54339   Tea Party Cardi 9510
DCNM468402   Teach Yourself Visually: Crochet
DCNM439605   Teach Yourself Visually: Knitting
ClamShellTeal   Teal
DCNM421173   Team Spirit -Super Saver
8771   Tech Square Afghan
DCNM160737   Techno Cozies
DCNM288474   Teen Knitting Club
DCNM160649   Teeny Tiny Crochet
DCNM160285   Teeny Tiny Mochimochi
SSDK1200   Terrific Tee
ML160   The Accessory Cardigan
DCNM191976   The Big Book of Granny Squares
NM143119   The Black Sheep Key Ring
NM169080   The Complete Book Of Tatting
8436   The Craft of Natural Dyeing
9780981497204   The Eclectic Sole
9780981497235   The Enchanted Sole
NM073307   The Knit Kit for a Scarf
SWTCMLS   The Melody Lacey Shawl
843189035230   The Mirasol: Accessories Collection
843189035247   The Mirasol: Collection Book 7
DCNM415766   The Natural World of Needle Felting
NM161563   The NEW Prayer Shawl Companion
32983   The Scissor Lite
GU409   The Seville Jacket
WW1098   The Slopes Hat
NM162753   The Sock Knitters Handbook
FTYFT209   The Split Neck Cowl
SO4000   The Sweater Comb
SK21100261   The Travelling Knitter's Yarn Pouch
VVPBLgFloralPink   The Violet Valentine Project Bags
VVPBSmFloral   The Violet Valentine Project Bags
VVPBSmXmas   The Violet Valentine Project Bags
VVPBSmZip   The Violet Valentine Project Bags
TheasPullover   Thea's Pullover
CLO06027   Thimble Large
CLO06026   Thimble Medium
CLO06025   Thimble Small
NM162657   Threads: Favorite Felted Gifts To Knit
DCNM162656   Threads: Felted Scarves, Hats & Mittens
DCNM161768   Threads: Knitted Prayer Shawls
DCNM161770   Threads: Lace Socks
54362   Three Brrr Bears 9208
DDC13   Three Hats to Crochet
ThreePieceBabySet   Three Piece Baby Set
NM162980   Throws Worked In The Round
23724   Tika Socks
WOETGDM   Tod's Gommini' Driving Moccasin
C441   Toddler's Cable Yoke Guernsey Pullover
C411   Toddler's Sampler Pullover
C307   Toddler's Tri-Color Cardigan
C301   Toddlers and Childrens Cable Yoke Sweater
2066   Toddlers Pinafore Dress Knit
8404   Toe-Up
NM073740   Tonic Studios Yarn Cutter
TTP   Top This! Patterns
54329   Tornado Twist 9816
SSWW1206   Touchdown Vest
54335   Track Jacket 9506
TOL   Tree of Life
VFD101   Trellis Lace Pullover
TrellisScarf   Trellis Scarf
SSWW1082   Trendy Tot
SSWW1179   Tulip
NM412599   Tulip Point Protectors
NM412603   Tulip Point Protectors
42796   Tulip Trends Yarn
68660   Tulip Trends Yarn
PHKA   Tulip Yoke Sweater Adult

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